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Services | Shawn Alexander Finney | Film Composer


1418211_28354820Original Composition Music Score Film/documentary/TV Film directors or Producers. Do you want an original score to enhance the impact of your film. with over 20 years of writing experience and several feature length films to my credit, I can provide a score that will give intensity,drama and emotion that fits your film demands Stage Musical are you a scriptwriter or stage producer who needs someone to compose original music for your libretto? Or a perhaps re-arrange and reinvent an existing musical play? Then I could just be the one you’re looking for. TV Commercial Score A good TV commercial is just what your product or campaign needs to further boost awareness on a national or international level. A good music score even enhances its effects further. I’ll gladly make one for you. Jingle Are you a company owner who wants to boost your company’s image? A catchy commercial jingle for your product or campaign could just be the key to boost your sales and public image. Are you running for public office? A good jingle can boost your campaign efforts. Sound Design Sound Effects Add more depth to your film with sound effects. Sound Mixing & Audio Editing Fine tuning. Cleaning. Enhancing. We can fix that for you.