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shawn alexander finney | film composerI have been a composer and musician all my life. It is my one true passion besides being a father and husband. I have had the privilege to score and perform some amazing projects over the years. I love the process of collaboration and dislike the pomp and circumstance of opening nights. I was trained in music in high school by a very advanced and forward thinking teacher. Then I tried and failed at college. At the time a was too lazy and too drunk to understand who I was or what I was supposed to be doing. Then I secured a job as Production stage manager at south florida’s Public theater and the producer there changed my life. I learn how to be squared away and run Productions. I also embarked at that time one hand righting 3 of my 5 symphonies. ( Structurally they were okay but all together uninteresting works). The experience was invaluable to my growth as a composer. When I moved back to new york. I began to perform again with my two buds in THE BRADY BASTARDS. We got signed to a 2 cd deal after our second performance. We wrote and recorded both cds of power punk/retro music that was very catchy. That group morphed into the dalliance in which I Put down the guitar after so many years and started to perform on piano.This was a nerve racking experience and a growing process.In the midst of this I scored several films, got married. and had an amazing daughter. My life is blessed and Hope you will consider a Hard working, Marketing aware, melodic driven composer for your next project

Thank You
Shawn Alexander Finney
New Milford CT.

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